I Love Paige Elway

Ever since Paige Elway learned about the horrors of puppy mills she has been busy promoting “Adopt, Don’t Shop” and she is making a difference! I was honored to meet Paige and her husband, John Elway, (and several Broncos members) yesterday during a Denver Broncos media day at their training facility. I LOVE Paige!

A group of dog lovers who are working to end puppy mills and advocate for animal welfare issues, Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare (known as 3CW) were in attendance as well. They explained the connection between puppy mills and pet stores. Also at this event was a Denver-area dog rescue organization, Humane Society of the South Platte Valley. They brought several adoptable dogs which were rescued from the Ute Reservation located near the Four Corners.

Harley and Paige Elway


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