Make A Difference Day!

Make a Difference Day HarleyToday, October 24th is a Make A Difference Day and I hope you will consider making a difference for dogs living in puppy mills. Because puppy mills are legal and supported by several big corporations and dog registry groups, it will take huge numbers of concerned and dedicated citizens, and a tremendous amount of persistence to bring about change. But… it can be done. We can make a difference!

  • Please, write your lawmakers! Putting an end to puppy mills starts with YOU! Starting at the most local level of government, you have the ability to spread this message and raise awareness with those who have the power to create laws. Click here to learn how to contact them.
  • Never purchase a puppy from a pet store or online, and never patronize a store that sells puppies.
  • Educate yourself so you can educate your family and friends.
  • Help spread the word about puppy mills by sharing and posting on social media.
  • Join an anti-puppy mill group in your area. Help them organize events to educate the public and participate in friendly protests whenever possible.
  • Visit National Mill Dog Rescue’s website to learn more ways you can make a difference for puppy mill dogs.

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  1. i wan to make a difference but you made it hard for me I want my face book friends to click to donate food or save puppy mill dogs but when I go to click I have to go to Harley page then go to the donate page I want to link it to my face book but don’t know how some people are not going to do all the steps to get to the page and you will lose out can you make one link to that page so I can post it thank you yvonne

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