Washington, DC … here I come!

Tomorrow morning we leave for Washington, DC for a Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill on October 21st.  This will be a chance for me (and Mom & Dad) to talk to congress, and everyone else who attends, about puppy mills.  We’ve spent the past couple weeks preparing packets of information to give to everyone we meet who can help make a difference.  I plan to have a meeting with the President, but I haven’t heard from him yet… I am still HOPEFUL!

Another great thing about this trip is I get to see some of my friends who I first met during the Hero Dog Awards last month: Julie, Landa, Hudson, Rambo, Annette, Lisa, Glory, Axel and several others.  You can learn more by reading Dog Day Afternoon on the Hill by the American Humane Association.

And if you haven’t already, please be sure to watch my video, Dear Mr. President.

Harley DC


  1. Carry the message to all ears that can hear.
    I emailed President Obama again yesterday. Hundreds of thousands of dogs trapped in the hell that the USDA approves must be freed.

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  2. Go for it Harley! You little legend we are behind you all the way we are sending positive energy your way little buddy fingers, toes, arms, legs, paws and tails are all crossed for you and your mum and dad on your big day!

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  3. Emailed the legislators in my state of Florida… and in the state I moved from 11 years ago, Pennsylvania. I’ve posted your quest all over FB… and forwarded your story to people in the media in PA and FL. You are on a quest for goodness; God bless you, Roni, Dan (your parents), Teddy and his parents. This is a heartbreaking issue; it seems as though the outcome to push through legislation would be easy. If it’s not as easy as we think, you have an Army behind you to change that.

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  4. You make the difference. Followed you for long time and so proud of you and Teddy, your families, Theresa and all involved. Prayers this trip to the capital will make changes and the President needs to reply, his people need to make this happen! Love and pray for you…stay strong beautiful boy. Pug hugs from Texas….bonny and baxter.

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  5. Go get them, Harley!!!! Washington DC is waiting for you. I do hope that the President able to squeeze in some time to have a meeting with you.

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  6. I love you Harley and I hope you get that meeting with the President!! I have been posting and reposting your video plus sent it to my Senators and Congressmen!! God Bless You Precious Little Man and your Mommy and Daddy!!! You’re Awesome Harley!!!!

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    • We will be at 1400 16th NW in the courtyard (the entrance is on the north side of “O” Street between 16-17th Streets). We’ll be there from 10:30am until 11:30am.


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