Inside a USDA Approved Puppy Mill

You know what I’m looking at? It’s the inside of a USDA approved puppy mill. This is one of the “nicer” places. Most of these cages have 2 dogs in each, but some have only 1 dog. The red box holds the food and there is an automatic watering system and the dogs drink from a tube. The floor is plastic coated wire and the waste falls through it. As with all puppy mills, the dogs get no love and no medical care. They suffer until they are about 5 or 6 years old, when they are used up, and then most of the dogs are killed – unless they are lucky enough to be rescued. If someone buys a puppy from a pet store, THIS is what they are supporting. This is a fact.Harley and the inside of a puppy mill


  1. That is cruel and disgusting! Those poor dogs don’t deserve to live like that! Keep fighting for their fair treatment and freedom, Harley. We’re all fighting with you!

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